Handicrafting, Love and Prayer = Beautiful.

We have so many amazing people who make physical donations to us.  These donations help us to run more efficiently and stretch our dollars even further.  Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t hand deliver books or clothing or blankets or shoes.

Many of these items are hand made with so much love or they are gathered by churches scattered all over the place who want to make a difference.  It is beautiful and useful.  We benefit from those who have sacrificed.

Today I want to showcase one group of donations we received from a group of amazing women from North Carolina.

About a year and a half ago Sandra Ward came to visit us along with her daughter Laura who was adopting.  At that point in time the Day Care was still a dream – we were in process, but wondered if we’d ever have our approval and be ready to open.  However, God put a deep love in Sandra’s heart for the families that we would one day serve.


So, Sandra and a group of women at her church came up with a way to bless these families in a practical way.  They started sewing Ethiopian dolls to be given to the children.


And then they prayerfully packed 85 of them (complete with their own bag and receiving blanket) into a bunch of suitcases and had them muled over here.  We’ve got enough for all of the kids in the Day Care, plus more for our expansion.  Sweet!


The part I love is that they not only sewed these beautiful dolls that children are going to be thrilled to receive, they also spent hours praying over each one.  They lovingly labored over each doll both with stitching hands as well as praying hearts.   It is a thing of beauty.


Thank you Sandra and your team of women.  These are amazing gifts that you have sent to us – ones that kids are going to love, while at the same time we wait to see the Kingdom fruits of your laboring in prayer!

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  1. Those dolls are ADORABLE!! There is a HUGE market for AA dolls. They should make more and sell them!

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