Day Care Center #2 and a few practical needs.

As promised here’s a photo of the house that is soon to become EHE Day Care #2.  The beauty is that it is a 4 minute walk from the current location, so it will continue to be convenient for moms.  We hope to be in there within a week or so once they are finished with some basic repairs.

Alayu is busy with collecting applications for the various positions we will be hiring for – social worker, cashier, cooks, cleaners, guards and 8 additional care givers.  We have 28 care givers interviewing and competing just for the 8 care giver positions.  Please pray for that selection process.

With the opening of a new center we will have some needs that did not make it into our approved “on the ground” budget.  If you are interested in giving towards these start-up expenses, it would be wonderful.  You can give towards them by clicking on the GIVE button on the right column of this page and just mark in the Memo as For Day Care # 2 opening.

The Needs are:

1.  Large Semi-Automatic Washing Machine.  Cost = $800 USD.

2.  Electric Bread Oven.  Cost = $150 USD.

3.  Water Filter.  Cost = $100 USD.

4.  Carpeting.  The owner has installed new flooring, however to help protect it we want to buy floor covering.    Approximate Cost = $1,000 USD.

5.  Cloth Diapers.  With potentially adding a bunch more kids in diapers, we need to bulk up our cloth diaper supply. Approximate Cost = $2,000 USD.

Total Needs:  $4,050 USD.

Please continue to pray for us in the coming weeks.  Workers are being hired.  New families are being screened.  And, God is doing amazing things around here.  Thank you for being playing a critical role in partnering with us!

Update: As of October 13th, we’ve had $200 come in.  Please keep spreading the word.

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