Day Care Center #2 Opens!

With the opening of the new center we’ve also been adding a lot of new staff.  We’ve hired 2 new nurses, 8 new care givers, a new social worker, a literacy worker, and a round of cooks, cleaners and guards.   Its been amazing how God continues to provide quality staff who overflow in love towards these children and moms.  Please continue praying for them.
You are helping to make a huge difference in the lives of 108 children and their mothers.  You are giving moms a chance and giving children an early education that they never could have had. You are feeding them and nourishing their bodies.  You are clothing them.  You are caring for moms with HIV and TB and helping them to become healthy.  You are giving Moms a chance to start a small business that can move them towards sustainability.  You are restoring dignity to Moms and Kids who have real faces and real names and real stories. You are helping them to break cycles and learn about Jesus’ love along the way.  You are making a difference as you partner with them.
The last 2 days we’ve had teams come through for tours and along the way in both cases they said, “You are giving these kids a chance at thinking differently and a chance to make a different Ethiopia tomorrow.”  It is our dream and our prayer.  Thank you for joining us in it.