Church Partnerships

We believe that the local church really is The Body of Christ, the most powerful force in the world today.  We believe this to be true because of both the resource as well as the prayer force of The Body.  So, we’re looking for churches to get on board with Embracing Hope Ethiopia through a special program we are calling Church Partnerships.

In this, we ask for a few commitments from a local church.

1. A commitment to rally your church in fully sponsoring at least 3 families.

2. A commitment to faithfully pray for moms, children and staff.

3. A commitment to send notes of encouragement to EHE staff at least 1 time per year.

4. A commitment to send some church representatives to Ethiopia every 2 years to see the work first hand.

We at EHE also make some commitments to you.

1. We commit to give you the tools to help raise awareness within your congregation including newsletters, video and occasional skype calls.

2. We commit to communicate transparently with your congregation with specifics about the mothers and children you are partnering with including updates 2 times per year.

3. We commit to help raise awareness about the complexity of poverty and a call to respond. We commit to work along with your pastor to develop tools that can assist with discipleship in the local church. Missions should be a two way street, where the person sitting in the pew also grows in discipleship.

4. We commit to help facilitate your team’s time here in Ethiopia when you are able to visit EHE’s work here. We think its a great way to get your church involved in caring for widows and orphans and seeing your church’s heart grow in mercy and justice.

For a more detailed commitment contract, click here.

Have questions? Please contact Jerry at . He’d love to hear from you.