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Anyone who has hung around discussions about development has heard about the need to make education a priority. The problem is that for families coming from generations of poverty, simple education can come with many barriers.

Take one of the children from the project as an example.  Last year he turned 4 years old and we sent him off to school – to Pre-Kingdergarten, following the country’s education guidelines.  We sent him to a wonderful private school with caring teachers and a Christian environment.  His mom was delighted that her son was going to get the education that she was never able to get.  She has never been to a day of school in her life.

About 3 months after entering school we got some harsh news from the school.   This child was not doing his homework and therefore he was failing his coursework.  Already failing at age 4 in Pre-Kindergarten.  This was not looking like the promise of education.

The issue was that he was being sent home with homework for his mom to do with him.  However, when your mom is illiterate and cannot even read the title on the top of the page, how is she going to help you?  She couldn’t and therefore he was falling behind.

So, we started to do some informal tutoring with him, trying to keep him on track and moving forward.

 who are now attending school.  Our literacy educator,   Zabesh is an amazing caring woman who is passionate about seeing the kids learn.  It was great watching her tutor and teach the children – helping them to get the advantage they are going to need.  It is truly a day to celebrate!

Through sponsorship, not only are you helping children to get an early childhood education, but when they reach the age to go to school you are helping them to get there.  A dream that in many cases their moms never got to take part in.  And then, you are providing extra attention, so that the education can truly take hold and bring transformation to the children through tutoring.

But, the news gets even better.   On Friday Zabesh and some of our other staff will be starting to hold literacy classes for the moms. We have over 50 moms who are excited to start to learn and for many of them this will be their first day of school ever.   They are afraid and excited.  You are helping to provide an amazing gift for them that has the potential to drastically change the way they view the world.  Please pray for them as they take this huge step.

Thank you for caring about holistic development, that includes education, tutoring and literacy.   Together we can see a difference in the lives of children and their moms.

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