The Difference a Bit of Caring makes – Besufekad, Fasika and Adina

Here is another story of a family’s life that has been made much different through sponsorship. Adina has 3 children, two of whom are full time in the project and an older daughter who EHE supports to send to school.   In the Fall of 2015, Adina was trying to work day labor jobs while also caring for the two youngest children who are twins Besufekad and Fasika.  They were one year old at the time… Read More

The Difference a Bit of Caring Makes – Zwudalem and Endalk

You hear us talk about family sponsorships all of the time, but does it truly make a difference?  Consider the story of Zwudalem and her son Endalk. In the Fall of 2015,  Zwudalem was begging along the roadside with 11 month old Endalk.  This dignity stripping activity was leaving her without any honour, hope nor provision.   She had no one to watch Endalk and he  was malnourished and having some health issues.   What… Read More

The Difference a Bit of Caring Makes – Nejat and Makabel

In this series we are sharing some of the differences that family sponsorships make.  This is not a program, but rather these are individual lives that have been touched and made possible through sponsors donating a little bit that goes a long way in seeing families with so little embrace so much Hope. Today’s family is Nejat and her son Makbel.   In the Fall of 2015, Nejat was trying to survive by… Read More