Shannon Family Update January 2016

During the month of December we all jumped on a plane and headed back to the US for 6 weeks to finalize the adoptions for Kidist and Mihiret.  It would be our first time back in the US for the holidays since 2008, so it was full of expectation. But on our way to the US, we took the opportunity to stop in Istanbul, Turkey for 3 nights to take in some… Read More

Orphan Sunday November 8th

We need your help in spreading the word about orphan prevention and family preservation!  On November 8th, Churches all over will focus on Orphans and Widows during Orphan Sunday.   We have some tools that might help you to spread the word within your church, to the leadership of your church or to friends, family and social media networks. Visit where you will find posters, sponsorship profiles that can be printed, bulletin… Read More