Helping Bethlehem Embrace Hope

Our good friend first (we’ll call her K.) met Bethlehem (not her real name) when she was sitting alongside a road near K.’s home, crying.   Bethlehem travels this dirt road daily along with hundreds of others from Kore’ to the wealthy Gabriel & Old Airport areas in hopes of begging or finding day labor for enough money to meet her daily needs.  This morning was especially overwhelming for Bethlehem as she… Read More

Who Benefits from a Family Sponsorship in Kore?

We know that the idea of a Day Care among the poorest of the poor can be hard to imagine.  It can be even harder to imagine without a face or name and a story of who would benefit from what we are going to be offering.  So, over the next week or so, I’d like to share with you the stories of 4 people who have lived in Kore or who… Read More

Why Become a Family Sponsor, now?

So, this week we launched our family sponsorships for Embracing Hope Ethiopia.   This will help us to empower families through a Day Care center as well as holistic intervention for the entire family that promotes long term sustainability.   We feel that by matching families here in Ethiopia with families in other parts of the world we not only can help provide the physical support that vulnerable families need, but we… Read More