Those Who Go Before Us…

I am currently reading an amazing book by James Martin named “My Life with The Saints.”  He is a Jesuit priest who has a very interesting story as he shares about encountering the powerful lives of Jesus followers who had gone before. While I am not a Roman Catholic, I have found myself on a journey over the past 10 years of learning from many of the “saints” of the church.  The… Read More


This time of year always strikes me deeply.   Somehow the idea of paradox sits closer to the surface for me than at other times of year when I can stuff it down.  The Christmas story has it written all over it.  A Baby King.  A Suffering Messiah.  The King of the Jews with Gentiles in His lineage.  The place of Joseph fathering a child who appears on the outside to be illegitimate,… Read More

So You Want to Move to Ethiopia?

It’s funny.  This post has been in the incubation stage for a while.   Recently, we were talking with some other folks who have lived here for 5 years.  We were laughing and commiserating about some of the frustrations of trying to do ministry here, and they said someone has just talked to them and said (in a starry-eyed voice), “Oh, you guys are SOOOOO lucky!  I want to come and live and… Read More