From one cranky, grumpy, restless, cynical, indecisive Jesus follower to another.

I can tell when I am getting tired.  An ache starts inside of me.  I used to be able to stay on top of it by getting away for spiritual retreats once every couple of months, but I know that I am overdue for a day or two in a place of solitude spending time in God’s Presence…alone. When my gauges start to creep towards empty,  I become very cranky, grumpy, restless,… Read More

Forgetting and Remembering…A short reflection.

I am a forgetful person. One would think that I would not be.  After all I get to see God move in so many different ways on a daily basis.  Recently I have seen Him bring freedom to moms, give health to children, intervene in hopeless situations,  restore dignity, show His heart to the hurting, and change the heart of a very powerful person.  Powerful stuff. Yet, the pace of life and… Read More

A Reflection for Good Friday

While I wrote this reflection in the first person earlier in Lent, it seemed most appropriate to post on Good Friday. Am I looking to gain something or am I looking to die?  Am I looking for the security of this place I call my temporary home or am I living with a homesick sort of faith that will only be satisfied by His Kingdom coming in greater fullness?  Am I living… Read More