Announcing EHE Spiritual Ministries!

  Over the past 3  years of our work in Ethiopia, we have seen incredible transformation come to Moms and their children as families were preserved.   God has given us incredible opportunities to share His love in deed daily.  It has been beautiful to offer a holistic response. However, over that time one area where we have been lacking in our holistic response is a limit on our ability to minister… Read More

Love with abandon.

Almost every person who goes on a short term mission trip or travels for an adoption is deeply impacted during their time in-country.  They are confronted with the complexities of poverty as well as the  fact of their own poverty.  They leave after 10 days in a country not their own somewhat different and ready to see injustice confronted and the world changed. However, for a certain percentage of those people there… Read More

God’s Chisel.

I just finished a book that blows the doors off and points with laser sharp focus to the only true source of hope. The book is “The Explicit Gospel” by Matt Chandler. It is worth a read in its entirety. For now, here is an excerpt to chew on. “Once we give into the idea that the gospel is only about a personal relationship with God and not about God’s redemptive plan… Read More