Solidarity With The Destitute

Today I have no comments to make, but rather just a quote to share.  Consider what Dallas Willard has to say about the way we address those who are materially poor.  This quote is from The Spirit of The Disciplines – a book worth reading and re-reading. “By contrast, those without the mind of Christ make a use of distinctions between people the mature disciple would never make.  They cannot respect the… Read More

Loving Where We Live

Last week I had a conversation with someone that left me asking questions about the place where I live. Do I really like where we live or do I just pretend to? These people were new to Addis and they were contemplating about where they would like to live. The conclusions that they came to was that while they wanted to work in Addis, they could never live here. Too smoggy. Too… Read More

You blessed us…so we get to bless others.

We are so blessed by the people who support EHE and those who bring donations to us.  We also believe that if we have extra right now, then we should share it when a need comes up around us in another organization. One of those kind of needs came up this past week when a flash flood hit near to Bahir Dar (10 hours North of Addis Ababa) that left 650 already… Read More