Visiting Embracing Hope Ethiopia

We’ve been fielding some Frequently Asked Questions on the website the past couple of weeks, but today is the one that we get asked perhaps the most “How can I visit Embracing Hope Ethiopia?”.   To start with, if you are already headed to Ethiopia for a different reason, we’d love to have you stop by. ┬áPlease drop us an email and let us know when you’ll be in town.   However,… Read More

100 Moms In Need! What You and Your Church can do to Help.

Yesterday morning when I arrived at the Day Care we had 30 mothers sitting outside of our gate at 7:50 am. This number grew to 50 by 8:15 am and then to 100 by 9:00 am. ONE HUNDRED MOTHERS HOPING that we had space for them. Even if we had our 44 new slots that we are waiting for approval on, we would have filled those and still had 50 moms waiting… Read More

Embracing Hope in a Magazine!

Check out a great article written by Matthew LaPlante (journalism prof at Utah State) and Rick Egan (Salt Lake Tribune) about the beginnings of Embracing Hope that just published in PRISM – the magazine of Evangelicals for Social Action – Ron Sider’s organization. Rick has some beautiful photographs and Matthew does a great job of capturing a day in the life of Serikalem, one of the moms in the project. They also… Read More