Thank you Food For All – A great partner to EHE

We want to thank a great foundation from the Netherlands named Food For All that has been a wonderful partner in orphan prevention. Below are excerpts from their story, written by Franny, one of the founders. Their story of how they decided to make a difference among the poorest of the poor is compelling and shows how all of us can make a difference as God moves us. The Food For All… Read More

2015 Annual Report

Thank you for making our 2014 – 15 Fiscal Year an incredible success.  Together we helped more families, prevented more orphans and increased the ability of the poorest of the poor to embrace Hope in all areas of life. We hope you enjoy this Prezi presentation that shows our Annual Report stats.  Thank you! [prezi url=”” width=”550″ height=”400″ zoom_freely=”Y” ]

4 Significant Lessons I’ve Learned

Here we are at 4 years into this journey of ministering in holistic ways to children and their Moms (or Dads or Grandmas or Aunts).   We have watched over these four years as God has done what only He can do in the hearts and minds of adults and children.  We have seen families preserved and orphans prevented.  We have stood amazed at the bravery and selfless love that those considered… Read More