6 Ways to Make your Summer Mission Trip Incredibly Amazing.

So you are ready to go on a Mission Trip this summer.  Congratulations! We know that these short term trips have life changing potential when done right.   As an organization who hosts teams 2 – 3 times per week for tours in our Day Cares, I wanted to share with you what (in our opinion) separates an incredibly amazing team from those that left a less favorable impression. Since you are… Read More

So You Want to Move to Ethiopia?

It’s funny.  This post has been in the incubation stage for a while.   Recently, we were talking with some other folks who have lived here for 5 years.  We were laughing and commiserating about some of the frustrations of trying to do ministry here, and they said someone has just talked to them and said (in a starry-eyed voice), “Oh, you guys are SOOOOO lucky!  I want to come and live and… Read More