Joy out of Tragedy – Martha and Liya’s story

Martha* was born and grew up in the countryside, where her mother and father passed away when she was very young. Her well intentioned older brother chose to move her from the countryside to Addis Ababa with the plan of caring for her. However, he had little means as a daily laborer and after she came to live with him, he could no longer afford to support nor educate Martha. When she… Read More

A Totally Transformed Family

Here is evidence that sponsorship truly changes lives.  Thank you for making it happen!  In October 2011 Abebech* came to EHE as an 18 year old Mom in great need.  Her 1 year old daughter Tigist*, herself and Abebech’s* Mom were all living together in a small mud room that was built over a toilet hole.  This substandard, uninhabitable room was essentially an outhouse. They were living off of Abebech’s* Mom’s income as a… Read More