New Life for a Family – A Family’s Story

Yehsi* and her husband were a loving family that were just getting by.  But, like so many families that Embracing Hope serves, a crisis changed the entire landscape of their family.  Along the way Yeshi became very sick and needed to be hospitalized.  This is when it was discovered that both she and her husband were HIV positive. Shortly after her discharge, AIDS claimed her husband’s life and life  for her family… Read More

Hospitality Heroes

As we traveled across North America this past summer, what made it so special were the many wonderful people we met along the way. And the hospitality they showed us was beyond the imagination! To open your home to an invasion like the Shannon family takes a special kind of person. It means decreased privacy, shuffling of space and the practical matter of feeding more mouths. But, people did it night after… Read More

Joy out of Tragedy – Martha and Liya’s story

Martha* was born and grew up in the countryside, where her mother and father passed away when she was very young. Her well intentioned older brother chose to move her from the countryside to Addis Ababa with the plan of caring for her. However, he had little means as a daily laborer and after she came to live with him, he could no longer afford to support nor educate Martha. When she… Read More