5 Meaningless Observations about life in America…and 1 more serious one

Our return to the US always brings with it a few surprises…here are my top 5 frivolous ones…and one not so frivolous… 1. How can Walmart possibly already have 2 aisles dedicated to Christmas right beside the aisles for Halloween and its was only October 1st? 2. How much more money can my Medical Insurance company waste by sending me multiple documents that are the wrong documents time and time again? I… Read More

What to Say… And Not Say to Someone on Home Assignment

We have met so many wonderful people and had so many great conversations during our home assignment. We have been loved on, breathed into and cared for in so many ways by great people from coast to coast. However, I know that is not always the case for workers on home assignment. It can be hard coming back. At the same time it can be hard for people in our home countries… Read More

Embracing Hope 2017 Road Trip Schedule

Here’s our schedule for our upcoming Road Trip throughout the US to raise awareness as well as financial and prayer partners from coast to coast.  We have a number of places where we are still waiting on the final details for venue, but if you see somewhere close to you, email us and we can get you the details for the event at jerry@embracinghopeethiopia.com.  We also still have some open dates, so… Read More