Welcome the Valiente Family!!

We are excited to announce the addition of The Valiente Family to the Embracing Hope Team.  They are expected to arrive in Addis Ababa in Summer 2016 where they will assist us in expanding our programs as well as improving our interventions to the families we serve.  They come to us with amazing hearts for Ethiopia and incredible gifts in the areas of family and education. Carlos and Natalie Valiente are from… Read More

When you know that God is with you…a driving close call.

Anyone who has visited Ethiopia knows that at times driving here can feel a bit dicey. City traffic is one thing as you feel cramped for space, but driving outside of the city comes with its own risks. One road is well known for its share of fatal accidents. There are times where we drive the stretch of road from Addis to Mojo and will see 3 or 4 terrible accidents that… Read More


While I could write a thousand words about the joy we see in Moms and their Children as their families stay together, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?   So, here are photos of a number of our Moms with their kids.  Their love is contagious.  Their commitment is amazing.  And their joy is bubbling up!  If you have not yet gotten the privilege to  sponsor a family,  go to… Read More