Literacy Update

We believe that literacy learning is vital for the moms who are part of the project.  This past year we had 52 Moms who were involved in the literacy program and recently we were able to graduate 17 of them!  It was a great honor as the local government also got involved in providing a literacy certificate for each Mom!  For over half of the Moms entering the project, they are functionally… Read More

EHE Kindergarten is ready…here is how you can help!

We’re almost ready to open the EHE Kindergarten in September.   The slide and merry go round are purchased.  The desks are on order.   Rooms are being moved around and soon teachers will be hired.  It is getting exciting!! Today I wanted to share with you some photos as well as get some info to you… What is the EHE Kindergarten?  Here in Ethiopia, Kindergarten is required in order to proceed… Read More