Got questions?

On September 8th we sent out an urgent update to our sponsors about the recent need to close our Primary School in Ethiopia as well as an urgent need to raise $57,000 to help transition the 156 children and their families affected by the closing. (If you did not receive this letter, please click here to view a copy). We know that changes like this can generate a lot of questions. Please… Read More

Graduation! What a Day!

There are two huge cultural celebrations for children within Ethiopia which become all the more important to celebrate when you are poor. The one is a child’s first Birthday. It is a huge celebration for many families as they celebrate a child turning one. People invite as many people as possible, have a huge spread of food, and many with the middle class even have videographers and photographers present to capture the… Read More

Life Changing Education

We all know that education has great benefits.  We think of education as assisting in the breaking of cycles of poverty, opening up new opportunities, releasing creativity and creating productive citizens. However, could education also transform the way a Mother looks at her children? Today I heard about 2 moms who at a recent closing ceremony for last school year were overcome with emotion as they saw their children holding their report cards. Paraphrased, The one… Read More