Easy Fix? Not Quite.

For quite some time we have been trying to increase our water storage capacity at the Day Care since we have some weeks where we only have water for 2 days, making it difficult to do all of the laundry we produce on a daily basis.  We need to store water when it is on. So, its an easy fix, right?  All we needed was an extra storage tank. But, like so… Read More

The Really Really Great Side…Tigist

Last week I wrote about when things don’t work out the way we had hoped here on the ground.   It is the complexity of poverty – there are always  unseen and unknown forces that our enemy puts in place to perpetuate an ongoing destructive cycle. This week I am writing about the opposite.  This week I share with you one story (out of many) where we see progress being made and… Read More

Teachers, Students, Day Cares, Schools, Parents…join us in literacy

As a community development project, Embracing Hope Ethiopia is going to be opening a Children’s Reading & Literacy Room.   This room at our Day Care facility will serve the community in giving children access to books, as well as helping children and parents learn to read. Within our work with families, we have found that over 80% of moms enrolled in our project are illiterate.  To give them the chance to learn… Read More