The Way God Spoke.

While we have been on furlough it has been a great time of seeking God and having Him remind us of what He has called us to.  Into the middle of this time I stumbled on a book about the life of Don Bosco, a Roman Catholic Priest who had a profound impact as he demonstrated Jesus’ love to children living in poverty.  His legacy lives on today. One of the many… Read More

Way to Go Fikadu!

Here’s something worth celebrating.  Fikadu, our little peanut of a guy who is in the project, was put on Plumpy Nut about 2 months ago because he was so malnourised and underweight.  Yesterday he went to the Doctor and the Dr. told Fikadu’s mom that he was going to have to take him off of Plumpy Nut.  The reason is that he has gained so much weight that he no longer is… Read More

When Disparity rears its ugly head…

I think there are few places where I really notice the disparity between rich and poor as much as what I see it in medical care.  Today I was nailed square between the eyes with the amount of pain that is caused by the lack of adequate care. Take for instance a little boy who is part of the Day Care.  All indicators seem to point to him having Cerebral Palsy, yet… Read More