Tutoring & Literacy

Anyone who has hung around discussions about development has heard about the need to make education a priority. The problem is that for families coming from generations of poverty, simple education can come with many barriers. Take one of the children from the project as an example.  Last year he turned 4 years old and we sent him off to school – to Pre-Kingdergarten, following the country’s education guidelines.  We sent him to… Read More

What A Ride for Selemon!

I remember clearly the day just over a year ago right before the day care was going to open.  The director (Alayu) and the social worker (Sisay) and Jerry had started screening moms.  And Alayu came to me and said, “There is a mom.  We enrolled her daughter, but she has a son too.  I’m not sure we can take him.  He can’t even sit up.  What do you think?”  I asked… Read More

Teachers, Students, Day Cares, Schools, Parents…join us in literacy

As a community development project, Embracing Hope Ethiopia is going to be opening a Children’s Reading & Literacy Room.   This room at our Day Care facility will serve the community in giving children access to books, as well as helping children and parents learn to read. Within our work with families, we have found that over 80% of moms enrolled in our project are illiterate.  To give them the chance to learn… Read More