Day 2 – Families Needing Sponsored

Today as you consider giving gifts that make a lasting difference, please partnering with EHE in helping this family.    Family Sponsorships start at just $34 per month.  And please keep spreading the word. Etagegn and her children. Below is the story for Etagegn and her children. Etagegn’s story is a rough one.  The mother of 4 children, her husband passed away leaving her with no one to provide.  She has not had… Read More

Give a Gift that Lasts this Christmas

We need your help… In these next 2 weeks as we continue to turn our attention to Jesus’ coming and how He changes everything, would you help to spread the word about how a difference can be made in Jesus’ name among families in EHE’s Program? The truth is that for a fraction of what many families spend on Christmas gifts for each other, a family can be included in our project… Read More

Why We are Thankful

I love this time of year when we turn toward giving thanks. For years now we have had a construction paper tree that Christy puts up on our wall around November 1st. Our nightly ritual is then to write on a paper leaf something that we are thankful for and hang it on the tree. As our family has grown, it means that the tree gets fuller and fuller every year with… Read More