Why We are Thankful

I love this time of year when we turn toward giving thanks. For years now we have had a construction paper tree that Christy puts up on our wall around November 1st. Our nightly ritual is then to write on a paper leaf something that we are thankful for and hang it on the tree. As our family has grown, it means that the tree gets fuller and fuller every year with… Read More

A Basic Amharic Lesson

We have such great teachers at EHE.  These women not only teach the children, but they love on them, too. Today we are sharing a video of one of our teachers, Etenesh, teaching a class about the number 5. Enjoy and perhaps learn some basic Amharic, too. We are grateful for the ways you have helped to preserve families, prevent orphans AND see the next generation educated.

Life Changing Education

We all know that education has great benefits.  We think of education as assisting in the breaking of cycles of poverty, opening up new opportunities, releasing creativity and creating productive citizens. However, could education also transform the way a Mother looks at her children? Today I heard about 2 moms who at a recent closing ceremony for last school year were overcome with emotion as they saw their children holding their report cards. Paraphrased, The one… Read More