Help us to Help More

We are seeing amazing fruit in Ethiopia because of your partnership.  You are helping families to be preserved and orphans to be prevented.  Now, for over 240 children and their Moms/Guardians life is much different.  They have a newfound hope.


EHE has always been a very simple intervention.  We simply try to identify what the felt needs are and then engage Family Members (who love their children so much) in helping their situation to change.  That means we spend a lot of time, money and energy on nutrition with children, community building among Moms, helping with basic needs until a Mom is finding her way, Day Care /Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, Micro Savings, Case by Case interventions, Discipleship and much more.  Over and over again we have seen Moms like Serikalem, Abebech, Abeba, Abune, Lingershe, Merima and dozens of others bringing significant change for themselves and their kids.  It is beautiful to see!


168Your partnership is what has made this possible for the current families and we are so grateful.   Now, we are facing a challenge.  Last year we added a bunch new families into the project and we’ve spent a long time trying to catch up on sponsorships for them.  We sensed God calling us to keep reaching out to those in need – and let me tell you the last bunch of families we added were in desperate need.  These families had some of the most desperate stories we have heard in the 5 years we’ve been operating.

Our aim now to see is all of these families (168 Sponsorship Slots in total) be totally sponsored in the next 30 Days!   But we can’t do it without you.   We’re blitzing Facebook and Instagram over these next 30 days with this need.  But, could you please share freely and openly about EHE and the difference made in families lives?

With all of us pulling and praying together, this truly is a small need.  It would take nothing for us to see all current families fully sponsored – and it would set us in a great place to keep adding more families in desperate need.

Will you join us in spreading the word about Jesus’ kindness and compassion being given hands and feet among the poorest of the poor families?  

Thank you!  You are deeply appreciated!

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