GivingTuesday – Another Story

Almost 5 years ago a young, scared Mom brought her son Kibrome to the gate of Embracing Hope Ethiopia on the first day we were opening.  Kibrome was in need.  His Mom was very poor, begging on the streets and the perfect candidate to give her child up – if it wasn’t for her incredible love that would go to any length to hold on to him.

So, in those early days Kibrome entered the Day Care along with 19 other children and God met him.  He started getting nourished.  He started becoming socialized.  Rather than sitting all day long on a blanket begging along the roadside with Mom, he now was making friends and loving to pay with others.  He started learning the basics of the alphabet and colors.  He was in a safe place where he was loved on and cared for during the day.  And best of all every night he went home to his loving and caring Mom who would do anything for him.

Mom also started making drastic changes in her life.  First, by working at daily labor.  Then she got a job doing handicrafts.  She has continued to grow her income and grow her savings.  Along the way her former husband even came back into the picture and EHE staff worked on a plan for reconciliation and counseling with the whole family.

Today Kibrome is in the EHE first grade and he is thriving.  He and his Mom have come a long way in embracing hope in all areas of life.

It is because of people like you that EHE gets the privilege of walking alongside many whose stories are like Kibrome.  Please join us on this # GivingTuesday so that more like Kibrome can embrace hope in all areas of life! 

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