Back in The Saddle – November 2011

We loved what we found when we returned to the Day Care.  We left with great confidence in our staff that the work that was startedMoms at Training would continue and would grow while we were gone.  We were right in thinking so.  The whole staff did a wonderful job of continuing to care for Children and Moms and seeing the project develop.  Here are some highlights that happened while we were away:

  • The Staff conducted trainings on Micro-enterprise, Savings and HIV for all of the Moms.
  • As a result of the HIV training 28 of the Moms agreed to be tested for HIV which will enable us to better serve them in the long term.
  • 7 of the Moms received Micro Enterprise grants and a 100 ETB Savings Account.  6 short weeks after giving these grants, 4 of the moms have saved 100 ETB or more and one has saved 240 ETB already!
  • 2 new children from very vulnerable backgrounds were admitted to the project.  One of them was only 5 months old at admission.
  • We were reviewed by the Sub-City who gave us very positive feedback.  They are for us and behind us and we are very grateful.
  • Relationships and a level of trust has continued to deepen between the staff and the Moms.
  • All of the children except 1 have started walking!  4 of them need assistance, but it was crazy to come back and see them so mobile!

We are grateful to God for having provided us with such a great staff and Board here in Ethiopia.

Kibrome - BirthddayWe also recognized while we were in North America how richly blessed we are to have so many great supporters and friends in so many great places.  We got to see so many of you and wish that we had been able to see and spend time with so many others of you.   It is fascinating to us how God has put something deep in the hearts of all of us from very different settings and geography and history.  Yet, he has knit our hearts together with you and others like you – and we are the richer for it.  As we approach the American Thanksgiving and will enjoy our celebration (but with a chicken instead of turkey) you will be on our minds and in our hearts.  We are grateful to God for you.