37 New Families to Be Preserved!

Because of the generosity of Embracing Hope financial partners, once again this year we have been able to add a large number of new families to our project.  But, I must confess, when we add this many families, it gets a bit chaotic for awhile.

Thankfully, we have staff who are willing to put up with a bit of chaos for the greater good.  In this most recent round, we added 26 children under Age 2 to our Baby Room.  Think about this picture for a moment: 26 children under Age 2 who have never been away from their Mom – and now you are responsible to care for them and help them to settle in.  It’s a huge job, as you can imagine.

These children and their Moms are getting a new chance.  Mom is free to work and the child is now receiving nutrition, Day Care and education in a caring place.  This is a gift that until recently was really only available for the wealthy and upper middle class in Ethiopia.  But, now these families can enter into a new chapter full of hope and life.

These new families that just entered into the Project are from a wide range of backgrounds:

  • Three of the Parents are single Dads.
  • The youngest Mom is 17 years old and the oldest Mom is 44.
  • The youngest child is 6 months old. 
  • Families are from Muslim, Ethiopian Orthodox and Protestant backgrounds.
  • Families are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.  Some are originally from Addis Ababa, but many of them are from more rural settings.
  • Some were begging, some are students and others were working as cleaners, road sweepers or daily laborers when they could find work.
  • Some are living with husbands, but most of them are single Moms – either abandoned by their husband or divorced.
  • The average income of a family is 800 ETB ($26) per month.  Some families have no income at all.  
  • Most of the families are living in a room that is at least 800 ETB ($26) per month for rent.  Some are living in under plastic tarps because they cannot afford housing.

What all of these families have in common is that they have a deep love for their children.  They want to see their family preserved and provide a different future for their children.  They are grateful to have Embracing Hope to walk alongside of them.

Through family sponsorship, you can help us walk alongside of them.  Starting at just $34 per month, your partnership means that these families can embrace hope in all of life – including coming to know Jesus.  Join us today and help us spread the word about how a little bit of money can go a long way in changing lives.

View these new families at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/