Family Sponsorships

Friend a Family. Prevent Orphans. Show Love. Extend Hope.

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Our desire is to see vulnerable children and their families stay together AND embrace hope in all of life.

To see this happen, we believe that Family Sponsorships play a key role. Sponsorship not only means that financial resources are available for a family, but it also means that families are empowered through loving support, prayer and encouragement that makes them feel human again…EHE227_Rim copyas they are remembered by God and by others.

Your monthly partnership helps to provide:
– 2 Nutritious meals daily plus a snack and additional nutritional support for underweight children.
– A clean, safe environment for children to be cared for during the day by loving, caring caregivers.
– Early Childhood Education tailored for younger children and formal Schooling for older children in our Nursery, Kindergarten and Elementary classes.
– Health care for Mothers and Children.
– Special care for families who are underweight, HIV+, disabled or health issues.
– Clothing and Hygiene materials.
– Social Worker visits to each child and parent on a consistent basis.
– Relational sharing of Jesus and His love demonstrated on a daily basis.
– Supplemental food to help provide better nutrition at home.
– Provision of household supplies and or house repair
– Freedom for parents to work to help promote sustainability while their children are cared for in a safe place.
– Opportunities to participate in Spiritual Ministries including; counseling, Bible Study and Kids Club programs.
– Job Training, Education, Micro-savings, Micro-grants and Income Generating Activity for Moms. 
– A safety net for parents who are terminally ill to make sure their children are cared for.
– Opportunities for parents to invest in the project themselves, thereby using the assets that God has given them, which in turn empowers them.
– Community education in parenting, HIV/AIDS and sanitation
– The movement towards sustainability for families.

This is where the relatively small amount of $34 per month makes a life changing difference.  While it costs $136 per child per month to have a child in the project, each family has 4 sponsorship slots of $34.   Maybe  your family has the means to fully sponsor a family. In other cases, there may be a small group or a church or a Sunday School class or an office willing to take all 4 sponsorship slots for a family or even 2 or 3 of the slots.

Or, for $34 /month you can take 1 sponsorship slot and start making a difference, while we continue looking for other individuals and groups to take the other slots for a family.  Everyone involved in sponsoring a family still gets updates and has an opportunity to share with the family and build relationship with them.

To view the Families currently in Need of Sponsorship, please click here.