Miteku and Family Preservation. Exactly why we do what we do.

Preserving Families is the bottom line of what we are about at Embracing Hope.  That means at times the best case scenario comes about where,  after having received support from EHE for a season, now a family is in a different position of providing for themselves.  However, without EHE’s help there is no way this family would ever still be together. That is the case for Miteku.   We first met Miteku… Read More

The Difference a Bit of Caring makes – Habiba and Addis

Thank you for being willing to read the story of change for one of our families.  Here is how You help to make a great difference in orphan prevention and family preservation!   Addis has 4 children, the youngest of whom is Habiba.  Habiba is almost 3.  When Addis first came into the project, their family was not making it.  While the older children could go to school, she needed to find ways… Read More

The Difference a Bit of Caring Makes – Almaz and Hiwot

What difference does Family Sponsorship make? Consider the story of Almaz and her twins – Hiwot and Biruk.  In the Fall of 2015 Almaz was living in a plastic tarp house with her children, including an older daughter who EHE sends to school.  She never had a formal education which left her illliterate. She was caring for the twins while trying to find a bit of income going from house to house  washing clothing… Read More